An Introduction to Entrepreneurship in Ireland and Eight weeks of Active Learning

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As I sat in front of my laptop, writing and re-writing the title of this blog, I began to question why I have undertaken this eight week challenge. What authority do I have as an entrepreneur? Who would read this blog….? I decided to immerse myself in all things entrepreneurial over the course of this eight week challenge. I will interview young entrepreneurs, I will read and review entrepreneurial texts, watch entrepreneurial videos and research the resources and supports that are available for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through active learning and an open mind I will report the findings of my research in clear, accessible blog posts.

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The ability for an entrepreneur to carry out systematic research and analyse the findings is a key competency to entrepreneurship. Today’s entrepreneur stands in stark contrast to the neoclassical, Schumpeterian idea of the entrepreneur who was merely a middleman “playing a functional role in the economic development” (Endres and Woods, 2010). The space in which the modern entrepreneur operates is a transparent fast paced environment where market trends are constantly changing. The modern entrepreneur must be able to conduct accurate research and critically analyse the associated risks associated with potentially profitable opportunities (discussed later in further detail). The birth of the internet in the early 90s caused an explosion of information and resources which have aided the entrepreneurial processes. Endres and Wood’s (2010) go on to define todays entrepreneurial behaviours as “the motives and acts enabling entrepreneurs to reach decisions in their roles as creators of profitable opportunities and as exploiters of those opportunities”. One of these “acts” is research, which should be used to gain competitive advantage in entering new markets or exploiting existing ones.

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Over the next eight weeks I will explore the intricate topic of entrepreneurship in a bid to further my personal and professional development, sharing my findings and learning outcomes with all those who have a genuine interest in this multifaceted and dynamic topic.

Eight Week Challenge: Topic Outline

Week One: Introduction to my Blog and what is entrepreneurship

Week Two: Local entrepreneurship North County Dublin-Ciaran McNally.

Week Three:Young Social entrepreneurs Ireland

Week Four: .Local entrepreneurship in North County Dublin- Martin Flynn

Week Five: Five entrepreneurial books to get you motivated.

Week Six: Inspiring entrepreneurial videos and Video Bloggers.

Week Seven: What resources and support are available for young entrepreneurs.

Week Eight: The future of Entrepreneurship and conclusion to blog.




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