Increasing Blog Traffic: Simple, Effective Tips

An essential guide to increasing traffic through simple informed recommendations


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Increasing traffic is easy……Well, kind of!! I have scoured the internet in a bid to understanding the tools, techniques and competencies required to increase traffic and take one’s blog to the next level. Increasing traffic is like baking a cake, if you methodically follow a recipe (my proposed checklist), use quality ingredients (original content) and employ the appropriate skills and techniques (add on features and analytic tools) you blog WILL experience exponential growth!!

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I have created a checklist for Bloggers to re-evaluate posts before publication. Seven Deadly questions…..

  1. Is my content original?
  2. Have I created something that is of interest to other people and not just myself?
  3. Who am I trying to connect with? Age, Gender, nationality….
  4. How am I connecting with the reader? through humor, interesting facts, strong visuals, captivating quotes?
  5. Have I occupied on authoritative position on the topic in question? Do I need to reference stats or figures?
  6. Is my headline engaging?
  7. Have I optimized my post for search engines?

When you have analyzed and proofread your post and put the final aesthetic touches on your publication you should then consider these XXX things

  1. Are my tags appropriate?
  2. Is my content visible to search engines?
  3. Who’s post could I comment on to increase readership?
  4. Have I linked to appropriate blogs on my post?
  5. Which of my social media friends would be good advocates for sharing my post?


In this weeks post, I wanted to try and offer simple and effective t to improve the reach of your blog. If you are looking for a more advanced tutorial on growing traffic, you should check out