Entrepreneurship and the used car industry

Following the 2008 recession in Ireland, used car market appeared one of the few industries to escape unscathed. Today I caught up with Aaron Lacey of Aaron’s Autos Malahide, a young entrepreneur who set up his own car dealership two years ago. Having traveled Australia, New Zealand and everywhere in between, Aaron moved home to quench his entrepreneurial thirst and pursue his passion for fixing up cars………..

What does your typical work day look like?

I normally start work around eight in the morning. I begin planning out what jobs I need to start and finish and for when. I would usually work cars until twelve or one and then clean up the cars I have for sale in the afternoons, ensuring a high level of cleanliness and they are all running well. Having the cars ready to go for my customers is paramount.

  1. How many hours a week do you work on average? Roughly 65 hours
  2. What attracted you to this line of work? I have always loved cars from a young age
  3. Where did you train/learn your skills? I learned how to fix and sell cars from my father and through my apprenticeship in a garage in Portmarnock
  4. What parts of your job do you find most satisfying? I enjoy the alone time working on cars, I find it quite therapeutic, on the other hand I love meeting new people through trading.
  5. What are the greatest opportunities that exist for the growth of your business? Online selling
  6. Have technological advancements made business easier or more difficult for you? Definitely easier
  7. How important is social media in your line of work? Not very, I tried to set up a Facebook page it did not work out as planned
  8. Who are your customers/clients? Usually first time buyers
  9. How competitive is your market? Extremely competitive
  10. What resources do you find particularly useful in relation to your line of work? Done Deal
  11. Have you ever met with anyone from your local enterprise office? No
  12. Is their much support available to you (grants, funding…etc)? I am not too sure, I tried contacting enterprise Ireland but never heard back
  13. What is your end goal? To own a larger garage selling premium cars for greater margins
  14. How will you get there? Through hard work and reputation management
  15. What piece of advice would you give somebody who wanted to enter your line of work? Be prepared for speedbumps, since establishing my own business I have encountered and overcame diversity, through hard work and sacrifice.
  16. How do you measure success (lifestyle, money, recognition …..etc)? Adequate time off to spend with family and friends, and to be honest………..my bank balance
  17. Where will you be in ten years? I will own my own garage, in a more competitive area with excellent road frontage and stocking premium, specialist cars

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